What We Do

Workers Compensation – Commercial General Liability – Commercial Auto – EPLI

Workers Compensation Representation

Directly for your company – Workers Compensation Case Hearings – CAL-OSHA Citation Hearings – Rating Bureau Interaction and Representation– Claims Review Meetings Representation-Unit Stat Filing Interaction and Appeals-Workers Compensation Policy Arbitration with your carrier for failure to contain costs on your injury claims.

Claims Analysis

To determine the efficiency of claims handling by your carrier. The objective is to reduce the reserve amounts given to your open cases.

Claims Intervention

With your carrier to lower reserves and meet expectations prior to Unit Stat Filing.

Subrogation Case Review and Intervention

Seek out a third party to take responsibility for those open cases where this process would apply.

Expense and Rates Review

Is the Insurance System over charging you because your broker and/or carrier has not taken the time and effort to make sure you are classified correctly? Reserve evaluations: have the adjusters on your claims posted costs that are much higher than they should be driving your premium through the roof?

Fraud Prevention and Intervention

The objective is to make criminal cases when Fraud is suspected.

Loss Prevention Consultation

Develop internal systems to monitor and control the costs of your workers compensation claims.

CAL - OSHA Compliance Representation

Reduction in citation fees and hearing representation to obtain a just outcome to OSHA citations.

Medical Case Evaluation

By our Staff Case Management Nurse Analysts.

Physical Therapy Case Evaluation

By our Staff Physical Therapy Analysts.

The objective is to provide employers with their own core service base so a customized company controlled response to company risk management problems are formulated and applied. You can’t win without the right strategy and the right team and you can never win unless you control your own destiny.

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