Medical Cost Containment

What is Medical Cost Containment?

We oversee treatment by integrating treatment guidelines into the claims handling process. Each case will be evaluated to ensure approximation and adherence to Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) guidelines.

  • Registered Nurse case management team intervenes when 1) there are multiple specialists involved in a complex case 2) multiple providers rendering duplicative services 3)Catastrophic cases and 4) An employee with multiple claims and injuries.
  • Physical Therapy We reduce physical therapy utilization. Move client/employers to non-physician owned physical therapy clinics in order to remove the conflict of interest utilization incentive. Provide oversight to ensure that Evidence based Medicine is utilized throughout (EBM).

Onsite Medical Intervention

We provide onsite early intervention support services. Before the need for a recordable claim our medical support staff will intervene to provide:

  • Management strategies
  • Job specific ergonomic analysis and recommendations
  • Modified Duty and “Light Work” Strategies that will allow the employer to maintain control and saving thousands of dollars on pending injury cases.

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