Security and Investigations Support Services

Workers Compensation

You know your employees, the solid workers, and the ones that always seem to want to just skate by, you know their idiosyncrasies and you know who is lying or exaggerating about their claim, ever notice how no one wants to listen to your insights or information. Insurance companies like to talk about their Special Investigations Units and their alleged expertise, yet at the end of the day very few if any insurance entities have actual law enforcement case building experience with the necessary insights to work with the local District Attorney’s office to put a criminal case together and obtain an arrest warrant. Solid Criminal Field Investigation experience, real world case building strategies and the ability to actually work with the decision makers at your local prosecutors office that is what our investigative team is about.

OSHA and High Profile Accident Investigations

With insight into how the various governmental safety agencies work – Our field investigators have solid experience in working employment based amputation cases; industrial death cases and defensive investigative work to defend OSHA citation cases.

Rapid Response Team

Immediate call out accident investigations, commercial vehicle roll overs, multiple accident victim or fatality field investigations 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Specialized response with a resume that includes National Beer Distribution entities, National Ready Mix Entities, National Food and related service transportation companies. Rapid response for High Profile work place accident investigations.

Human Resources Support

Workplace Harassment/Discrimination Investigations with a DFEH and EEOC compliance focus. Background checks and background check and employment process policy development.


Violence in the Workplace policy development and related training; Female Employee Awareness program/self-defense.

Employee Theft

Field interviews and investigations; undercover theft investigations. Experience in restaurant environments; warehousing and distribution environments. Embezzlement audits and case building.

General Liability and Commercial Auto Claims Investigations

Poster Program

Established 800 number poster program for workers compensation fraud; theft and employment related issues.


Personal Protection; Security Consulting; Strategic Security Response. K9 Operational Support - Explosives Detection/Narcotics Detection

Real world experience, practical and effective support working directly for your company.

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