Employers Only

What we are NOT

It is very important to understand what we are NOT, we are not a brokerage firm, we are not an insurance based firm, and we do not work as a representative for any carrier or for any insurance brokerage firm. We work strictly for employers on a monthly retainer fee basis our loyalty and focus are employers without exception.

Brokers work for Insurance Carriers regardless of what they may represent. Unless it is a negotiated fee arrangement brokers are compensated on a commission basis, the higher your premium the more a broker earns from the carrier.

Brokers are never in a position to actually actively and aggressively address claims issues with Carriers, the reason is clear, what is the actual source of the broker’s compensation, who writes their compensation check, in most insurance arrangements it is not your company, it is the insurance company.

Carriers have no incentive to work with you as the insured, they are too processed based, and they worry more about their systems and step by step self-induced requirements than addressing claims in a strategic or even common sense manner.

Carriers can routinely mishandle claims and simply charge more premium in the next year.

Defense lawyers work to protect the interests of the carrier not the employer who pays the premium.

Medical Delivery systems in the workers compensation system are inherently slow and expensive, they are the vast majority of the time the most expensive part of your open claims file. What financial incentive does a medical provider have to actually work to close the claim vs. simply scheduling appointment after appointment.

Employers pay the premiums which support the entire workers compensation system and yet are ignored and simply expected to sit idly and quietly while their costs keep rising.

Any employer will have even a longer list of concerns then what is listed here, as every industry, every employer within any given industry has its own major workers compensation claims problems, the only winners here are anyone in the insurance industry and their support entities. When an employer has had enough it is time to contact us and develop a strategic response to this parasite on profitability.

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