Employee Benefits Division

Every employer faces problems and challenges when it comes to benefits and the extensive compliance and regulation associated with it. Are you on top of your 5500 filing, ERISA WRAP documents, Exchange notices, FMLA, COBRA and the host of other compliance challenges you face daily?

Has the fact that the cost of benefits have traditionally outpaced the cost of living left you tired of double-digit increases that make you want to drop coverage completely? Don’t give up hope. We work 12 months a year on your account to ensure that at renewal time you are not faced with increases undeserving of a well run organization. After all, you have a choice and our first priority is to ensure that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to renewals and that you are not taken for a ride.

Has the alphabet soup (PPACA, ACA, ALE, MSA) of Washington DC forced you to throw up your hands in disbelief? We understand, Washington has it’s own language and fortunate for you and all of our customers, we can translate Washington language into simple, easy to understand choices and apply business principles that keep you in compliance, attract new employee candidates and remain the employer of choice to your current workforce.

Lower renewal rates for our clients health care plans

Comprehensive compliance services with no incremental expense

Integrated payroll and benefits administration services at well below market fees

Better use of health care plans and services by our client’s engaged workforce

Unique carrier funding options for comprehensive wellness programs

Our Services

  • Annual Review of Benefits
  • Renewal Forecasting
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Aggresive Marketplace Negotiations
  • Claims Experience Analysis
  • Alternate Funding Suitability
  • Executive Summary Reporting
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Implementation of Programs
  • Educational and Enrollment Assistance
  • Employee Communication Materials
  • Industry Leading Compliance and Legal


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